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One of the biggest tragedies of the age of social media is us becoming far less social.

Discourse has devolved. Crashes in advertising revenue has turned even some of our greatest media establishments into clickbait tabloids, where even the pretense of objectivity is laughed out the door. Friends have become strangers, students have become afraid to learn, and teachers have become afraid to teach.

But what if we had a place to write out our ideas and discuss them without prejudice? What if there was a place where we could lay out our thoughts together and understand different perspectives? What if we could find new understanding and common ground? What if we could make writing and learning fun again by exploring new and creative ideas? The Art of Essays is a project that reaches for all these objectives and more with new essays on a wide variety of subjects for all audiences several times a week.

We hope you’ll bookmark this site and join the discourse.


Douglas Black

Site owner and administrator

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